Hardy Plant Society (Middlesex Group)

2018 Photo Competition

Here are the well deserved winners of our 2018 Photo Competition. The subject this year was "Creative and Innovative Containers'.

1st Place - Jothy Rainbow

Taken at RHS Chatsworth this year, Jothy liked the quirkiness of the composition.

2nd Place - Maureen Murphy

This photo was taken at the Old Vicarage at East Ruston, the garden of designers Alan Grey and Graham Robeson in September this year. Maureen was amazed at  how they managed to complement the border of the succulent with the pot.

3rd Place - Bob Weeks

Bob took this photo outside his allotment shed using a pair of old boots and his wife's succulents. A great way to recycle!

Jothy 1st Maureen 2nd Bob 3rd